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9/11. 12 Years Ago.


12 years ago today I was in high school in the cafeteria and heard some comments going around about the World Trade Center, I thought maybe people were referring to the prior bombings. Got to my Biology class and my teacher was sitting there glued to the radio in disbelief. He didn’t care what was going on in class and we realistically didn’t know what to do.

I walked over to the faulty room with other students and saw as all the teachers and staff were staring into the TV watching what would go down as the craziest thing in our modern day American History to happen. They didnt even care we were in there as other days they always shoo us out of there. All of a sudden.. the 1st tower cumbled to the ground and was gone, Then the 2nd tower alittle bit after. It was sad as hell to see. Especially LIVE.

9/11. Never Forget.