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Eminem’s newest album MMLP2 set for Nov 5. Berzerk this Tuesday


Its been three years since his last solo studio effort “Recovery”. Fans have been eagerly anticipating for some new music from Slim Shady himself. We thought we were going to hear some new tracks from his rumored album at the G-Shock “Shock the World” event but instead took us down memory lane going through various tracks off all his past albums.

Eminem went on to debut a track called “Survival” for Activision next version of COD titled “Call of Duty:Ghosts”, but we started to hear about him more today leading up to this promo commerical with Beats By Dre. Set to release on November 5th, we see the letters MMLP2 which looks to stand for “Marshal Mathers LP 2” and hopefully he can recapture the magic and grittiness he had on that album as it is one of his best to date. With hits like “The Real Slim Shady”, “Stan”, “The Way I Am” and one of my personal favorites “Amityville” I think its all go all out or go home. ¬†MMLP2 is slated to have production from Dr.Dre and also Rick Rubin

Are you excited for the next chapter in the music of Eminem? “Berzerk” the first single off the latest album is set to debut this Tuesday.