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Status of Fast & Furious 7 and Should They Make a Fast 8?


Paul Walker

With the unfortunate death of Paul Walker(as well as friend Roger Rodas) on November 30, it leaves various questions on where they will take the character of Brian O’Conner and how they will send him off. There have been talks of rewriting the script which seems highly unlikely as Universal has put in $150 million into the film and most of it is already done, or there are options of “retiring” Paul Walker’s character. Some are saying to have him die off-screen and I cant imagine them doing some type of car crash as it maybe a bit sensitive as how he died in real life. But then again the Fast franchise has been about its crazy car stunts and killer sequences and even his family doesn’t want him written out the Fast 7. Universal had shut down production shortly after the horrific accident occurred in respect of the friend and family of Paul Walker and just recently has been having meetings to figure out what to do to keep the movie going as well as the Fast franchise.


cody walker-paul walker

The most recent of ideas has been to cast his lookalike brother Cody Walker who actually does stunt work in the movie industry to step in and do either far away shots where needed or CGI for close up shots. While they definitely dont look like twins it would be nice to pay homage to his brother and finish up the movie on his behalf. And even though it may look weird I think the audience will understand and accept it rather then see the whole project scrapped and delayed another year. I mean at this point everyone knows about what happened with Paul Walker and the circumstances surrounding the film.

Fast & Furious 7

So after Fast 7 is finally completed and hits theaters it begs the question,should they continue with the Fast franchise with talks of 8 and 9 being planned out? I personally don’t think they should stop the franchise because of what happened with Paul and he would love to see it live on especially with him having signed on to those future projects. But I guess it ultimately all depends on factors such as how well Fast 7 does in theaters(which I see may break box office records) and how the audience reacts with the turnout of the film and they would want to see it any additional sequels gong forward.

Any thoughts of what you think should be done with the character and also about making Fast 8 or 9?