Reflections of 2013


The way 2013 started and the way its going out has been a tremendous year in regards to everything that has gone on. I still have my same job which I have gone on with for 4 years now and thats great because nothing is better then job security. Especially being in New York City and the state of the economy in general. It has gotten better but its nothing to sleep on though..

Another plus in 2013 was seeing my progression with writing for G Style Magazine. We have had our ups and down, from fall outs to disagreements and different views but shit things happen right? In the end we have rebuild and I think we are continuing to strive and head into 2014 with a better outlook then previous years. We have a strong team and I’m glad to be apart of it and help keep putting it forward. I also appreciate being given the opportunity to hone my writing on another tech outlet which was Evolve Ent. It has given me a different perception of things and helped continue to mold and switch up my writing style a bit.

I’d have to say friends and family have played a role in alot thus far being there when things were down and showing support then things felt grim at times. I love my people for that.

2014 i think know will be even better then this year as the brand of G Style will continue to grow and build. Also there are some ideas I have brewing in my mind that will be unleashed and fulfilled to fruition one way or another.

So to everyone Happy New Year!

Any plans you have for 2014? Plan to keep the same as 2013?

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